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Windermere Homes

Windermere homes for sale OrlandoWindermere homes for sale in Orlando Central Florida represents the ideal location for many high end residential communities. Boasting beautiful lakes and waterways, stunning golf courses and famous neighbors.


Windermere homes

The homes and properties in Windermere may not be rented out on the short term rental market. This is definitely a good thing in the eyes of most owners in this sought after location. Windermere homes are to be cherished and cared for. Given the prestigious address, many leading business people and sports personalities have chosen to call Windermere home.


The Town of Windermere is one of the wealthiest residential communities in Central Florida. Yet it comes as a surprise to many when they leave the asphalt and hit the private dirt roads which surround the lake. With a population of just over 2,000, Windermere is a cross between an English village and a Caribbean Island.Imagine that right here in the heart of Orlando.


Windermere is renowned for its privacy as well as its beauty. This is one of the many reasons that world famous athletes, CEO’s and A-listers live here. Upscale gated communities and huge estate homes stand side by side along the sand bottomed Chain of Lakes. . The Towne of Windermere is continuously striving to maintain its standards which in turn keeps it in demand. Exclusivity is probably the one word which best describes Windermere.


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