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Short Term Rentals in Florida

This page is all about buying short term rentals in Florida.
Disney vacation homes to rent


Any properties which are offered as short term rentals in Florida must be located within a “Short Term Rental Zone”. Unfortunately not all properties you see will legally be allowed to be used as short term rentals in Florida. Even though the property description may indicate that they can be.

A rental zone is an area, county, sub-division or development that allows you to rent out your property.

There are numerous variations:

  • The vacation home can be rented out at any time without restriction
  • Vacation homes which can be rented out only on a weekly basis, but not daily
  • The vacation homes can be rented out on a monthly basis
  • The vacation home has a minimum three month contract

Short Term Rentals in Florida

There are several areas in Florida which not only allow short term rentals, but promote them as well. These areas tend to be in Polk and Osceola Counties near Disney. You will have most probably heard of Kissimmee and Davenport in the Disney area of Orlando.

You may also find others along the coastlines of both east and west Florida. However, just because a community is located within a county which allows short term rentals, it does not mean that the community allows short term rentals.


An experienced agent is essential in getting this right. You are about to invest a large sum of money. The last thing you want is to find out, after closing, that the property does not permit you to use it in the manner you perceived. This has and does occur on a much more regular basis than anyone wishes to admit.


Orlando Vacation Rentals

Short term rentals in Florida by the theme parks

4, 5, 6 & 7 bedroom rental villas and vacation homes have long been the standard model in the Orlando area, but we have recently noted a change of direction. Demand for larger properties is now being met by builders and developers. Many of our recent investors in the Disney area have chosen 6, 7,8 and even 15 bedrooms vacation homes. Can you imagine a 15 bedroom vacation home? These new larger estate style vacation homes are aimed at multiple families and they are doing extremely  well on the rental market.

Each vacation home is different and you will can almost always find a property for rent that suites your requirements. There are properties on Gated Resorts with Clubhouse, golf courses, villas with lake views, villas with conservation views. Some villas have the sun all day and some that don’t. They come fully fitted and with all ‘mod cons’.

Many people ask about the rental seasons in Orlando Florida as the terms low, mid and high season don’t make sense. The good news is that in Orlando it is busy all year round. There are around 12-16 weeks of peak or high season, 17 of mid season and the rest are designated as low season. Do not get put off by the term low season as it is still very busy near the theme parks. Yes you might be getting the lowest rental price of the year, but when that is +$1,000 per week, there really is no need to complain.


Coastal Vacation Homes For Rent

Vacation rentals are few and far between, once you leave Siesta Key, Clearwater, Fort Myers Beach or Sanibel and Captiva. This is due to the limited amount of short term rental zones. However you will be able to find ‘Seasonal Rentals’ which are typically for a minimum of one month. Take a look in Naples and Marco Island, Englewood, Venice, Sarasota and the islands bordering Tampa. You will find 1 to 4 bed condos, townhomes and 3+ bedroom single family homes, by the beach and on the golf. These are ideal for owners who wish to mostly use the properties themselves. They then rent the property out when not in use and cover a few expenses.

Short term rentals in Florida on the golf course

The coastlines of Florida welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists each and every year, many of which are snowbirds. Retirees and families that wish to spend time away from freezing temperatures in the north and enjoy the Florida lifestyle on a part-time basis. With hundreds of miles of icing sugar beaches, great restaurants, international shopping, fantastic boating and golf and plenty of sun, the coastal areas of Florida are without a doubt unique destinations.