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Realtor Representation

Realtor Representation in Orlando

Having Realtor Representation in Orlando is the sensible choice for prospective purchasers of a new home in Orlando.

Being represented by a Realtor provides several important benefits:

  • Access to everything on the market via the MLS
  • Years of local experience – in our case 35 years
  • Access to our network of professionals – CPA’s, mortgage brokers, furnishing companies, management companies, booking companies, real estate attorneys.
  • Excellent working relationships with builders
  • Access to the best possible deals on new communities
  • Advice about what to buy, what to expect and how the local market works.


All of our services to buyers are at NO COST to you. Not a dollar, not even a dime.


We work with the builders every single day, introducing new buyers throughout the year.

If you believe you can get a better deal on a new home without our Realtor Representation in Orlando, simply by walking into the sales office you are sadly mistaken. Here is why.

When you walk into the sales office, the sales person will welcome you and tell you that they work for the builder. This means that the sales person represents the builders interests. Their goal is to get the best possible price for the builder.

Should you ‘buy direct’ from a builder, you have to deal with orchestrating many components involved in the purchase. If you live out of state or overseas this can be costly and problematic.


James Mitchell Orlando Disney RealtorGet Yourself Realtor Representation in Orlando

We represent you and your interests. Our goal is to get the best possible price for you. We are here to safeguard your interests and make sure that you get the property you want at a price you are comfortable with. We will take care of the local components on your behalf and will always be here to pick up the phone when you have questions.

As Realtors, our Code of Ethics demands that we make you our number 1 priority at all stages of the process. Whether you are buying or selling we are here to take care of your interests.

Remember, we do all of this at NO COST TO YOU, because we are paid by the builder. There is no rational reason, let alone a financial benefit in trying to purchase a property without our assistance.

If you are ready to take the next step,  give us a call in Orlando at (+1) 407 383 1051, in Europe at (+34) 647 952 268 or drop us a line at [email protected] or you could simply complete the form below.