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Property Management

Property management in Florida is crucial for owners. This is the team which deals with bookings, cleaning, paperwork so you do not have to. They are the smiling face which greet your guests when they arrive and for whom they are available 24 hours a day. Ultimately they are your lifeline in ensuring that your property is managed and maintained correctly in your absence. Please remember that successful rental properties often utilize multiple booking companies as well as their designated management company.


Why Property Management is so IMPORTANT!

All of our property managers are experts within their field. Being able to acknowledge the difference between a vacation home buyer who wishes to rent out their property on a weekly or seasonal basis and the distinct requirements of an investor who needs to rent out their properties on annual contracts is ultimately critical. Your choice of real estate agent will oftentimes be the difference between working with a lousy property management company or a great property management company.


As all investors know, you make your money when you buy an investment. With real estate you make your money by working with experienced realtors and great property management companies who understand the local market requirements.


By listening to qualified advice based on real life scenarios, future owners of rental properties should be able to take advantage of years of experience based on what actually works. A professional property manager will not take a property under management which will not perform as it will cost you and them money. The last thing that a property management company wants is an owner on the phone every day complaining about all and sundry. Instead an experienced manager would rather not take a property under management if they do not genuinely feel that it meets the requirements of their market.

Occupancy Rates

A key point when interviewing property managers is to ask about their occupancy rates. You should also ask about their ROI (Return on Investment) for the owners. Many property management companies will tell you that they have 90% occupancy levels on short term rental properties; but at what cost? Are they achieving a genuine service or are they churning their bookings out to travel agencies at little above cost. In essence barely breaking even on the outgoing costs of the owner? We could all rent our vacation villa out for the price of a meal but what would be the point.

Occupancy is NOT everything!

Currently our property management companies in the Orlando/Disney area are generating over 40 weeks occupancy per year. This is without discounting the properties to tour operators. 

A professional property managers will manage everything for you. From the maintenance, to the tenants, the bookkeeping and taxes to the day to day challenges that experienced landlords understand only too well.

We work with a number of companies across the state, all of whom have proven to be outstanding.


Orlando Property Management


Our Property Management Companies in Orlando specialize in short term rental vacation homes and condos These are located in short term rental zones of Davenport and Kissimmee They are typically within 20 minutes from the main gates at Disney. We work with various companies in various zip codes and will recommend the right management company for your vacation home.

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