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Miami Homes

Miami homes for sale.New condos on South Beach, in Downtown, Edgewater and all over South Florida

Miami Homes


Miami homes and in particular, condos have been the rage for the last couple of years as Miami has reinvented itself. The city has always been a cultural melting pot and has been the place to be seen for decades. Now Miami has redeveloped major sections of the city and outlying areas and it is very quickly becoming the Capital of Style and Influence. Historically named the Gateway of the Americas and known as a place to meet the rich and famous, industrialist of South America, it seems that the roles have reversed to some degree as it is now the South Americans who see Miami as the Gateway to north America.


With world class architects, sleek lines a more glass than you can imagine, Miami could be compared with Dubai for its mega-architecture and designs. The towns and cities which make up Greater Miami read like a whose who and include Aventura, Bal Harbor Islands, Biscayne, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Edgewater, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale, Hollywood, Miami, Miami Beach, Pompano Beach, South Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, all of which have seen huge investment and thousands of new neighbors moving in next door.


Miami is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who lust after the bright lights, great beaches, world class cuisine and shopping, let alone sporting events, easy international access and being just a stone’s throw from the Florida Keys, it is like a dream come true. Live the high life or the low life, the choice is yours!


Oceanfront condos, Beachfront condos and even luxury condos with their own marina are currently available in Miami areas. Prices start from around $500,000 and increase to around $50 million for the most in luxurious penthouses.


Miami homes have been one of the hottest sectors of real estate markets in America for decades, but during the last couple of years. Why you may ask?  Simply because it make sense! If overseas buyers can buy a piece of Miami real estate while the prices are considerably lower than in recent years AND the dollar is weak, the risk of losing money is actually very small for those with a long term investment strategy.


The bottom line remains: Miami and Florida is a great place to live and work. It is one of the most important vacation destinations in the world and regardless of what the baby boomers decide to do with their money, as long as the sun shines, Miami and south Florida will be alright


New homes in Miami. Pre-construction new homes and condos for saleAventura Homes Miami

Aventura homes for sale in this stunning region of South Florida. New pre-construction condos are currently available in Aventura which boast great views of the Atlantic Ocean and easy access to Miami and of course Miami Beach.

Aventura Miami has established its niche as an enclave of tropical landscaping and water surrounding sleek high-rises and luxurious single-family homes. Miami is synonymous with world-class shopping and Aventura Mall is the largest in the area.

Aventura became a city back in 1995 and is well known as a tropical enclave of stunning landscapes, beautiful homes and sleek high-rise condo towers nestled against sparkling waters. The roads are lined with stunning palm trees and bright, colourful foliage especially along Aventura Boulevard and Country Club Drive.

Aventura boasts numerous sporting amenities and the famous Aventura Mall which is the largest in the area. Real estate in Aventura is in high demand as families and professionals hustle to buy their piece of paradise at this much sought after address. If you enjoy city life but need access to some great boating, you need to take a closer look at Aventura!


Bal Harbour Homes. New homes at Bal Harbour in Miami. Pre-construction new homes and condos for saleBal Harbour Homes Miami

Bal Harbour homes are renowned for their perfect location, minutes from the beaches, restaurants and high-end shopping mall at Bal Harbour. The in demand address of Bal Harbour is home to thousands of out of state and international owners and more are on the way thanks to the new pre-construction condos and homes which are currently on offer for sale.

Discreet elegance is the keynote of Bal Harbour homes- long the favored hideaway of the rich and famous. Bal Harbour’s crown jewel is Bal Harbour Shops, the upscale mall that opens to the sky but protects shoppers from the elements.

It is located just to the north of Miami Beach, next to the city of Surfside. Bal Harbour is known worldwide as ONE OF THE ADDRESSES in Miami and home to Bal Harbour shops with its upscale boutiques, with its instantly recognizable oceanfront and sleek skyline. Bal Harbour is one of the safest cities in the United States and has its own police force who patrol day and night with a ratio of one officer to approximately 130 residents.

Homes in Bal Harbour are in huge demand from local residents, out of state and international buyers who appreciate living at a great address in a beachside location.


Bay Harbor Homes Miami

Bay Harbor Homes are the hidden gems of Miami area real estate. Having searched for the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ perfect property, many families and investors are discovering that their ideal new home is located on these small keys in Biscayne Bay.

Prices of Bay Harbor homes are considerably lower than similar and oftentimes smaller homes located on Miami Beach proper. Does that extra ensuite bedroom and larger floor plan make for a good trade off against a couple of extra minutes walking to the beach.

As the months tick by and prices continue to increase in this popular region of South Florida, Bay Harbor homes are becoming the final choice for more and more families.

Many of the Bay Harbor homes currently on the market are low rise condos and beautiful town homes being built by local companies, designed by local architects and aimed at attracting Bay Harbor homes ‘prospective buyers’ who desire something a little less mainstream or ‘high-rise’ when compared to the properties being constructed elsewhere in the area. Located alongside the canals,owners of Bay Harbor homes will get almost immediate access to the Atlantic from private slips and moorings which often are included in the price of the home.

Very few other areas in Miami-Dade offer sailboat access, especially at these prices, so it is no wonder that Bay Harbor homes are attracting a huge amount of attention from buyers from around the world.


Brickell homes. New homes at Brickell in Miami. Pre-construction new homes and condos for saleBrickell Miami

Brickell Homes and especially condos in Brickell are in huge demand with many of the new condos projects either completely sold out or at least, well on the way. Demand is very high due to great accessibility to the city and beaches plus the new and improved transport systems.

Brickell Avenue has always been associated with wealth and prestige and more recently its has become the international banking and business center of Miami – taking on a new role as a vibrant place to stay, dine and reside.

Brickell Avenue is one of the oldest sections of Miami, dating back to the late 1870’s, and runs along Biscayne Bay covering some 24 blocks of downtown. Boasting awe inspiring vistas of the Atlantic and Biscayne Bay, Brickell has become one of the most sough after pieces of real estate in Miami.

Reminiscent of New York’s Manhattan, the Brickell skyline is proliferated with mirror glass sky scrapers, urban lofts and high-rise residences. Brickell offers everything that you could desire right on your doorstep, for those that enjoy urban living at its best.

Brickell homes are typically condos in high-rise towers, which allow for easy access to all that Miami has to offer. Walking to the beach, restaurants and to high end stores are just some of lifes little pleasures which owners of Brickell homes come to take for granted.

New condos and ‘sky-residences’ are being constructed throughout Brickell and demand if high from both owners and tenants wishing to make a new home in the center of Miami’s most vibrant districts. With a choice of studio through to 4 and 5 bedroom configurations, there is a Brickell home with your name on it somewhere.


Coconut Grove Homes

Coconut Grove Homes for sale are rarely on the market for long, as the area is hugely popular with second home owners and the local business people of Miami who appreciate the privileged location. There are only a handful of new construction projects in Coconut Grove and demand is increasingly outweighing new supply.



Downtown homes in Miami. New homes at Downtown Miami in Miami. Pre-construction new homes and condos for saleDowntown Homes Miami

Miami’s Downtown homes are getting a makeover in a huge way right now, as the Downtown area merges into the other zip codes bordering Biscayne Bay.

Downtown Miami pulsates with activity as commercial, cultural and leisure pursuits come together. Innovative Downtown Miami skyscrapers compete for your attention, and its diversity inspires dining delights in a variety of culinary styles.

Just minutes away from new mega shopping arenas, world class cuisines and the famous beaches of Miami Beach, Downtown homes and condos are a sparkling, chandelier of modern architecture in the heart of this cosmopolitan city.

Whether you are in search of a studio for the weekend, a work-home condo with high speed internet or a fully blown residential palace in the sky, Downtown homes in Miami have something to offer even the most discerning of buyers. You may not even wish to use the your Downtown homes at all, preferring to rent it out to one of the thousands of executives who wish to call Downtown home, but can not yet afford to buy their own. Demand for the rental of Downtown homes has spiralled in the last year or so and so have the rental prices.


Edgewater homes and the Arts District Homes Miami

Edgewater homes and the Arts District are setting the scene as the go to place for city business people who want to be located in the heart of the action. Funky designs, world class art installations, urban graffiti, great shopping, excellent restaurants and walk-ability make Edgewater homes on the top of the shopping list for many.

Buying Edgewater homes and pre-construction condos offers owners a plethora of choices at a range of prices which range from the affordable to the “How much?” range. It is a growing area which has quickly become the darling of the Miami real estate market for thousands who have a niche shopping list which cannot be fulfilled anywhere else.


Fort Lauderdale homes Miami

Fort Lauderdale homes and pre-construction condos are once again decorating the skylines alongside the Atlantic Ocean’s sparkling waters. For decades Fort Lauderdale homes and condos have been popular with American retirees, but now it is pushing the boundaries and attracting younger and more international owners.

Although the volume of new homes in construction in Ft Lauderdale may not be the same as that of Miami, Fort Lauderdale is definitely at the top of many shopping lists, especially those who demand a beautiful setting, great boating, excellent golf courses and high end facilities.

Fort Lauderdale has long since shed its image as a ‘Spring Break’ hot spot, full of screaming, idiotic and drunk kids. Nowadays the Fort Lauderdale that you will discover, is once again an upscale location for the wealthy who enjoy parking their boats at their own dock at the bottom of the garden before strolling through their lush gardens and entering their colonnaded luxury mansions.

The rich and famous may own homes here in fort Lauderdale but you can also afford a piece of real estate here. It may not be next door to one of the stars but it will probably be within a short walk of them. There are numerous great restaurants in and around fort Lauderdale plus a host of golf course, tennis clubs, sports amenities and fabulous high end shopping.

Prices in Fort Lauderdale now average a little lower than similar residences closer to Miami. These lower prices are encouraging out of state and overseas buyers to invest in Fort Lauderdale real estate. Given the overall state of sales in much of Florida this represents a huge turn around for the local real estate market in Fort Lauderdale. If you are in search of a piece of paradise in this stunning town, you had better be quick before prices get out of reach again.


Hallandale homes Miami

Hallandale homes and condos for sale offer purchasers easy access to Miami Beach with the hefty price tags. It is ideally located north of Miami Beach yet offers owners a South Florida lifestyle which is not quite as hectic as its neighbors to the south.

Traditionally a residential town, the new Hallandale Homes cater for the whims and desires of vacation home owners from around the globe. Great restaurants, high-end shopping and of course the excellent beaches are all key factors in why so many families are now choosing Hallandale homes over homes and condos in other areas.

Hallandale real estate offers a diverse range of single family homes, beachfront condos and luxury waterfront homes which appeal especially to out of state owners and vacation homes that are used for rental purposes. Hallandale is ideally located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami and their respective airports, so getting there is really easy. This area offers some world class golf courses, luxury restaurants and is part of the Gold Coast.

Hallandale Beach is a little over four and half miles in length and today represents some of the most economical beachfront properties in south east Florida. due to recent construction of waterfront homes and condos and a population of around 36,000, The area has also seen the opening of luxury shopping malls filled with cute boutiques, some great little bistro style restaurants and gourmet food stores. The time is most definitely right to buy your new home in Hallandale.


Hollywood homes. New homes at Hollywood Beach in Miami. Pre-construction new homes and condos for saleHollywood Homes Miami

Hollywood Homes are not necessarily the first thing you may think of, but this isn’t California and neither are the prices. Hollywood Homes especially those on Hollywood Beach attract their owners from all over the States. Drawn by it’s peaceful location and the sounds of the Atlantic waves.

Nestled between Fort Lauderdale and Miami is Hollywood, a classic Florida beach town that’s enchanted visitors since the 1920s. The easy ocean access and village-like feel make this a can’t miss destination with numerous restaurants, small inns and hotels. Hollywood Florida is attracting quite a lot of interest regarding its real estate market. Not unlike its namesake in California, Hollywood is like a magnet for those that wish to discover something a little different.

Yes, Hollywood has great beaches, it has the same climate, but what is also has is lots of character and charm. Hollywood is located on the east coast of Florida, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It has a stunning ‘Boardwalk’ which is the epicentre for evening strolls down by the beach. It also has more than a few Art Deco homes, very similar to those on South Beach. The difference being that many of the Art Deco properties in Hollywood remain untouched, unmodernised and full of rustic charisma.

Hollywood as a town is much the same, the ‘olde worlde ambience’ remains, snuggled in alongside newer real estate, all mixed up a little like the ethnicity of the population. Hollywood offers a little of something for everyone, without over powering you with one element. Hollywood Florida is a location that you head to when you are content with life as against Hollywood California which is where you go when you need to get a life.


Miami Beach Homes. New homes at Miami Beach in Miami. Pre-construction new homes and condos for saleMiami Beach Homes Miami

Miami Beach’s picture-postcard winter playground has blossomed into a sophisticated community that welcomes visitors at any time of year. The trendy charms revolve around its cuisine, sizzling nightspots and cultural scene.

Art D’eco and glitz aside Miami Beach is a wonderful place to own a property. Whether it be a penthouse overlooking the Atlantic or a chic studio off of Collins, Miami Beach Homes are in huge demand.

A number of new projects have been started with more in the pipeline, but if you want to snag a proverbial bargain, and when we say a bargain we mean studios from $500,000, you will need to be quick.

Miami Beach is recognized as ‘Party Central’ by just about the entire world. Hollywood A-listers, musicians, artists, sports stars and influential business people all magnetize towards Miami Beach in order to let their hair down. Whether as second homes or a full time residences, Miami Beach homes are at the top of many families wish lists and who can blame them.

With easy access from Miami International Airport across Biscayne Bay and Fort Lauderdale airport to the north, Miami Beach one of the easiest destinations to get to in Florida. Together with the fact that Miami is known as the ‘Gateway to the Americas’ this could explain why so many visitors and second home owners come from Latin American countries.

With the American economy now stabilized, Miami Beach homes also makes a sensible place to invest in a safe location for many international buyers.


Mid Beach Homes Miami

Mid Beach is exactly where it says, in the middle of Miami Beach. This is not a bad thing as you are close to the Bay Harbour Islands, walking distance to Collins Avenue and the famous Miami Beach beaches. Access is great here and the choice of restaurants, shopping and things to do will keep you busy for weeks if not longer.

Mid Beach may not have the same ring as SoBe, but the location is equally as sexy. In Mid Beach you will find a range of new pre-construction condos, townhomes and occasionally single family homes on the market at prices which will not make your pocketbook ache.


North Beach Homes Miami

North Beach Homes are another great opportunity for owners who demand the high quality lifestyle of South Florida without the price tag of more recognizable towns like South Beach or Bal Harbour. With easy access to everything that Miami has to offer, fantastic beaches, world-class restaurants, shopping and nightlife, North Beach is an often overlooked area which is home to many jewels.

North Beach Homes are far more affordable than those of it’s neighbor towns, but lacks for nothing other than a more catchy title. If you are looking for the beach life and other avenues have left you clutching your purse string come down and take a look at North Beach Homes. You will be pleasantly surprised.


South Beach Homes. New homes at South Beach in Miami. Pre-construction new homes and condos for saleSouth Beach Homes Miami

South Beach Homes are predominantly made of stunning condo towers which boast wonderful Atlantic views by day and glittering Miami skyline vista by night. This is essentially part central for the wealthy players who demand the best 24 hours a day.

Miami Beach’s picture-postcard winter playground has blossomed into a sophisticated community that welcomes visitors at any time of year. Miami Beach’s trendy charms revolve around its cuisine, sizzling nightspots and cultural scene.

South Beach is where the action is so it is no surprise that this is the area most clients ask about. Due to the low amount of properties on South Beach and especially South of Fifth, many clients settle for walking or cycling distance. It’s not all bad, as they save a few dollars by doing so.

South Beach in Miami, and Ocean Drive in particular, is one of the most photographed areas of Florida thanks to the wonderful beaches and the art-deco buildings. Renowned as a party hot spot, SoBe as it is known locally, South Beach is full of chic restaurants, fashionable hotels and lively cafe’s. Many of the older buildings have now been restored and for the first time in several decades, SoBe once again looks like the picture postcard it was first designed to be. </p>

As restoration of many of South Beach Homes has been completed, the South Beach real estate market has sprung back into life, with numerous new pre construction developments being constructed. Many of these pre-construction South Beach Homes and developments are now ready to close and developers are keen to sell all remaining units, which means that there are some great bargains down on South Beach.

South Beach Homes

Second home buyers are quickly buying up completed condos are investing hundreds of thousands into vacation homes and potential rental properties. With an infamous reputation for wild nights of partying, SoBe represents a great location in which to invest in rental real estate.


South of Fifth Homes Miami

South of Fifth Homes are the centerpiece of the South Beach real estate crown jewels. The address, location and price tags do not get more prestigious in this little neck of the woods.

South of Fifth is the address which tops the list for many buyers. Its exclusive, luxurious and expensive. Most clients looking in this area have budgets well over $1 million and the pickings are still slim. If you you really want to make a splash then you will need to be investing $3 million or more, especially of you want a view of the water and a place to park.

South of Fifth homes are to say the least expensive by Florida standards, but when compared to similar locations in other world-class cosmopolitan cities, the prices can seem quite affordable for wealthy families. Similar properties elsewhere could cost two or even three times as much, so perhaps this is why there is such a high demand for South of Fifth homes.

South of Fifth Homes are predominantly luxury condos and sky-residences which overlook the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay; and by night provide the perfect platform for enjoying the beautiful Miami skyline in the near distance.


Sunny Isles Homes. New homes at Sunny Isles in Miami. Pre-construction new homes and condos for saleSunny Isles Homes Miami

Sunny Isles Homes and condos are adored by many families who demand the Miami lifestyle but with a little less traffic and a smaller price tag. Sunny Isles Homes and condos are in demand as developers struggle to design and build in this sought after area

The scene is changing in the Sunny Isles resort area. The atmosphere in Sunny Isles is still casual but the funky 50’s motels and small beachfront hotels are giving way to luxury apartment towers and hotels.

Sunny Isles Homes and Real Estate is a special blend of small town convenience and cosmopolitan ambiance. The community of Sunny Isles Beach is an ideal place to either cal home or to own a second home – vacation condo. Sunny Isles Homes are well located for owners and visitors who wish to venture into Miami or the other beaches. Home to only twenty thousand residents, Sunny Isles real estate are typically located either on or between the Atlantic and the Intra-coastal waterway, with all of them only a short walk to one of the quiet stretches of white beaches and the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Midway between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Sunny Isles is home to young professionals and wealthier young families who appreciate a Florida lifestyles by the beach. With demand for real estate in Sunny Isles high, it could soon become another Millionaires Row, so get in while you can still afford to.


Surfside Homes Miami

Surfside Homes and condos are in demand by those who appreciate small town living within a sub-tropical setting on the outskirts of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Prices for Surfside homes are relatively affordable when compared to more popular areas and the only thing you would be giving up is the address.

Surfside is a small community on the east coast of Florida with a population of only some five and a half thousand. This beautiful oceanfront town boasts a pleasant mix of tourist resorts, hotels, residential neighborhoods and a big ‘home town’ feel. It is this eclectic blend that attracts home owners and vacation owners from around the states and from overseas.

You will find both old and new homes side by side in pleasant residential neighborhoods along with oceanfront condos and hotels which have restrictions that keep them at a maximum of 12 floors. Surfside boasts a stunning beach which is lined with sand dunes and many of the older hotels have been updated and modernized so as to keep up appearances alongside the newer luxury condos that have been constructed in Surfside. It is this type of investment in the area that will keep Surfside homes and condos popular with second home and vacation home buyers for the foreseeable future.