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Kissimmee Vacation Homes

Kissimmee vacation homes for saleKissimmee vacation homes have been the main port of call for tourists for well over 30 years. It was in fact where many tourists stayed when the theme parks originally opened.


Kissimmee is close to Disney and the other theme parks and attractions, and only an hour from the stunning Florida beaches.


Our Kissimmee vacation homes are typically located within a 20-30 minute drive of the theme parks. They are all in designated short term rentals zones.


A short term rental zone means that a qualifying vacation home can be rented out on a weekly basis. The vast majority of homes on the market can only be rented on an annual basis.


Buyer Beware:

Just because a property is located in Polk County, or are even in a zip code where short term rentals are permitted, IT DOES NOT MEAN that the home you are considering buying is permitted to be rented out. We can show you properties which meet the rental criteria.


Most of our owners are currently enjoying over 40 weeks rental occupancy a year and they are extremely happy with this. You could put it down to luck and the increase in visitors. Or perhaps it is because we helped them in buying the right vacation home, in the right community at the right price. We also assisted with the furnishing of the vacation homes, introduced them to great property management companies and continuously help with bookings.


If you want to work with a professional team that assists you with buying, negotiating, furnishing, managing your property, booking your Kissimmee Vacation Homes. We have over 35 years experience so get in contact with us and let us make this purchasing experience the first of many.

Take a look below at our selection of Kissimmee vacation homes currently on the resale market.


Kissimmee vacation homes

For further information about purchasing Kissimmee vacation homes contact us.

There are literally hundreds of different communities in the Kissimmee area and we will assist you in finding the right one. Over the last +35 years we have assisted families from all over the world. We will make sure that the property you buy is one which will meet your needs.