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Clearwater Homes

Clearwater homes are quite possibly the most in demand in the Tampa Bay area, mostly due to the fact that there are very few new developments or even development sites left on Clearwater Beach especially.

Clearwater and its neighboring beaches have been popular tourist destinations for the last quarter of a century, but now they are now finding a new lease of life with younger families and full time residents, who wish to benefit from this stunning location on the Gulf of Mexico. As with most of Florida, Clearwater has seen its house prices decrease considerably over recent years but the demand for new homes on quality golf courses and waterfront properties is leading the revival charge. Clearwater and the Tampa Bay area are leading the current Florida real estate markets revival.

Clearwater is a progressive city that is committed to enhancing residents’ lives while preserving a heritage that is rich in culture and exquisite in landscape. Here you’ll find everything you could expect from a tropical paradise – and much more. The Clearwater area was named for its abundant fresh springs along the shore. Settled by colonists in the mid-1830s, it was not until the 1890s that Clearwater gained a reputation as a resort community. Today, fun and sun lovers still come from around the world, and although Clearwater is a great spot to visit, it’s an even better place to live. The community is friendly and socially responsive, and the City government is economically active and environmentally conscious.