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About CU in Florida

CU in Florida is the marketing division for a group of professionals who together cover just about everything that you will need when looking to purchase, invest, rent out, manage and even move to Florida on a full time basis.

Between us we have well over 100 years direct experience in dealing with Florida properties at all levels.

Below are a some of the services that we offer:

  • Buyers representation when purchasing property
  • Sellers representation when selling property
  • Turn Key Investment Properties
  • Property Management
  • Pre-construction Purchasing Advice
  • Investment Visas
  • Relocation
  • Land Purchase
  • Commercial Real Estate

We offer our clients exceptional levels of service that are derived from experience and professionalism.

Important Note:

There are thousands of realtors and property agents but very few who have the years of experience (+100 years cumulative ) that we have.

If you want to work with a professional team which gets the job done, then please send us an enquiry and let us know what you are looking for.

If you want someone to show you round and make everything sound rosy even when it is not, or if you are dreaming about buying something you cannot realistically afford ┬áthen please don’t waste our time or yours. We have genuine clients who deserve our services.

Confession Time:

We are occasionally grumpy old farts (we work hard including weekends) and we will tell you the what’s what, even if sometimes you don’t want to hear it. We offer our clients a great service ‘from beginning to end’ and our clients love us.


Synergy and Customer Loyalty

CU in Florida endeavors to create and sustain customer loyalty by partnering only with established professionals.

We represent a unique team that encompasses just about every aspect of real estate, vacations and living in Florida. In return for our services, we only ask that customers are loyal to us.

We understand you wish to get the best deal and we will strive to ensure that you do. But assessing what is the best deal is rarely about the price. At first glance it may appear so, but ultimately, it rarely is.


Asking the right questions

Assessing what you require is our key to success; and we achieve this by asking the right questions.

“I want a 3 or 4 bedroom vacation home near Disney for a bargain price?” is doubtfully your only criteria.

  • Are you happy to pay larger HOA fees in order to have access to more onsite amenities?
  • What size should the swimming pool be at your home?
  • What is the most in demand amount of bedrooms for vacation villas in the Orlando area?
  • Do you realize that typically the times you wish to use your property are the peak times and by not renting the property out your occupancy level will decrease?
  • Do you realize that a new vacation home, finished to your specification may represent better value than a resale property that needs work?
  • Are you aware that sales people on communities work for the developer. They only care want to sell one of their properties regardless of whether it is the right property for you?
  • Which rental communities have the highest occupancy rates and why buying in one can be the difference between buying a bargain and buying a great vacation home?
  • Do you know and understand the differences between one developers building methods and another and whether paying a premium is actually a good financial gambit?


These questions may seem obvious to many property buyers, but the answers can often vary depending on your own requirements. And the best way to get the 3/4 bedroom vacation villa for a bargain price may be to buy a 5 bedroom vacation villa that will have a higher occupancy rate and generate higher rental incomes because it is in the right community with the right amenities with low HOA fees.

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