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Florida Vacation Homes

New vacation homes for sale near Disney. Florida vacation homesFlorida vacation homes are in huge demand by tourists and that is good news for investors. Some of the most popular second homes and investment destinations anywhere in the world are in Florida. The Sunshine State is not only a great place to own a vacation homes but it is a great place to live. Whether that be on a full time, part-time and even on a seasonal basis. When you are in search of a place on the ocean or a vacation home near Disney we can help. We will  find something which meets all of your criteria.

Prices for new Florida vacation homes are as low as they are going to get. Builders are struggling to keep up with demand, which is driving up prices at a steady rate Many of the new home communities in Florida are seeing double digit growth. Ultimately Florida vacation homes are about buying a property for you and the family. When you can spend time in your own vacation home when you want, it has to be one of life’s little luxuries.

Having a rental income to help pay the bills is just a better solution.

Investment News

Orlando International Airport is embarking on a huge expansion.  There will be a new parking garage and a new train terminal bringing the total investment cost to $4.1 billion. Work is currently underway on the South Terminal, Phase 1 and Phase 1 Expanded, which is expected to open in early 2022.


Buy new vacation homes in Orlando in great rental locations near Disney. Many of our owners are enjoying over 42 weeks occupancy per year. High occupancy levels in a world class destination means excellent rental income for owners. Perhaps this is why we have a number of owners who have purchased multiple properties!

We offer a complete turnkey solution which includes furnishing, maintenance, management and bookings. This allows our owners to enjoy being owners of investment properties and not just landlords.


Florida Vacation Homes for Sale